I was born and raised in Indonesia and I’m a proud to be an Indonesian. I had taken my country upbringing for granted until I came to realize how differently I view things through my perspectives. I realize that my culture is so rich and very distinct, which helped me adapt to different cultures while holding tight to my identity. My favorite places: Yogyakarta (my hometown) and Bali.

I’m an ambassador for the hoshiZora Foundation, an organization committed to helping underprivileged Indonesian children obtain education through a foster-sibling program. Our program currently supports more than 1,000 children from different regions in Indonesia. Please visit our website, http://en.hoshi-zora.org, to become involved in the organization.

Photography has been my hobby. I started with taking pictures of landscape however I’m working towards street photography recently, particularly to capture the uniqueness of the city and its people. Please enjoy some of my selected photos in the blog page and in my Flickr page.

Facts about Indonesia:

  • Indonesia consists of more than 16,000 islands.
  • Indonesia has the richest coral reefs in the world.1)
  • Indonesia contains the most volcanoes of any country in the world.2)
History and Culture:
  • Europeans came to Indonesia for nutmeg in Banda Islands (watch this documentary)
  • Indonesia was occupied by the Netherlands for about 350 years before Indonesia eventually gained independence in 1945.
  • Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world.
  • Indonesia consists of more than 300 ethnic groups who speaks more than 700 languages and dialects.3)
  • Indonesian Rendang and Nasi Goreng (fried rice) top the World’s 50 best foods by CNN Travel.
  • Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode in Indonesia! (watch this No Reservations episode)
  • One of our traditional clothes designs and motives: Batik. (watch this UNESCO video)
  • Watch short videos about cities in Indonesia (Indonesia Travel YouTube channel)
Natural resources:
  • Indonesia is the largest supplier of natural gas in the world.1)
  • Indonesia is ranked top in the production of cloves and nutmeg.1)  (watch this awesome documentary)
  • Indonesia has the largest number of shark species in the world, about 150.1)
  • Indonesia has the most diversified orchid species, including the black orchid.1)
Source: 1) Indoboom 2) CIA factbook 3) Wikipedia