I’m sharing some of my favourite snaps during the visit to Komodo Islands. I can’t wait to visit Komodo Islands again in near future!


Heading to the Komodo Islands
On our way back to the boat after a long day in the field
Sunrise from the boat
A view of the dock from Desa Komodo
Four girls in Desa Messah

I got a once in lifetime invite from Zack and Sisi of 1,000 Days Fund to do a field work on height chart in West Manggarai District, East Nusa Tenggara. Milda from J-PAL SEA, Stanley and Dilla from doctorSHARE, Juul from the World Bank, and the lovely Ibu Rina and Ibu Emy from Puskesmas Labuan Bajo took part in the journey.

The 1,000 Days Fund team, Zack and Sisi, has been conducting studies to evaluate the effectiveness of a height chart in regions with a high incidence of stunting. The goal of the visit is to do monitoring and put up height charts in households with pregnant mothers and with children below 9 months. We visited several villages in West Manggarai: Rinca, Komodo, and Messah.

We installed height charts in several households within each village and explain the information in the charts. The information include ways to prevent stunting such as good nutrition, good hygiene, vaccination, iron pill consumption, and breastfeeding. We also explained about the importance of good care during the first 1,000 days, which is the golden moment for children’s development. We repeated these messages to parents so that they stick.

The chart also allows parents to keep track of their child’s height per month, and provide a cue for parents if their children’s height is below the average height. The cue would prompt parents to take necessary steps such as consulting cadres in the local community health centers and better nutrition among others.

As Zack said in his text, days in the field is quite challenging and exhausting but it’s worth it. I learned a lot from the trip and the team develop friendship during the trip.

PS: we got a chance to swim with a lovely turtle and manta near the Komodo Islands.


The view from our boat in the morning
Desa Rinca was the first village that we visited during the 4-day trip
Stanley from doctorSHARE put up a poster and explained the information in the poster
Desa Komodo was the second village that we visited, it is located next to the Komodo National Park
The team gathered with the Cadres in Puskesmas Pembantu Komodo to coordinate the activities
A local in Desa Komodo was making a wooden Komodo dragon
Ibu Emy from Puskesmas Labuan Bajo explained the importance of clean water and how to maintain water source
A typical household in Desa Messah, the third village that we visited during our trip
The team: Stanley, Juul, Milda, Zack, Sisi, Ibu Rina, Ibu Emy, and Dila

Finally, I got a chance to visit Africa: Nairobi, Kenya! I was invited to take part in the annual research meeting on the economics of tobacco farming. The trip is quite daunting because of the mass shooting about 1km from the hotel a day before the meeting. Despite the event, Nairobi is a lovely and a lively city and we had a great time there. Look forward to visiting Kenya again in the future.


Visited local market in the center of Nairobi
The local market offers a variety of paintings