I’m going to hold training sessions in the first week of every month in J-PAL Southeast Asia at LPEM FE UI. There are two training courses: quasi-experimental methods (Friday 9am) and data analysis with Stata (Thursday 9am). The training on quasi-experimental methods discuss causal inference, regression discontinuity design, matching, instrumental variable, and difference-in-differences. The data analysis with Stata reviews the basics of conducting statistical routines, creating graphics, and regression analyses.

Please see the syllabus attached in this post. Please email me at if you’re interested in coming to the training sessions.




The Dell Scholars program is a quite unique program as it offers financial and counseling supports for low-income or first-generation students. Our study finds that the program improves bachelor degree attainment in four or six years. Please visit Michael & Susan Dell Foundation blog for the full excerpt and this page to view the full research paper.